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Course of your therapy

Facts about an osteopathic treatment:

  • Duration and number of treatment is dependent on your individual problem.
  • Most supplementary insurance plans will already (at least partially) reimburse cost of osteopathic treatment.
  • When seeing an osteopath who has originally been trained as physiotherapist, you will require referral by a doctor.

Umfassend ausgebildete OsteopathInnen in Ihrer Umgebung finden Sie in unserer OsteopathInnen-Suche.

Collaboration between doctors and therapists

Osteopathy has established itself in Austria as an alternative treatment option over the last years. Doctors often collaborate with osteopaths, in order to provide their patients with comprehensive treatment. This should afford the patient the opportunity find doctors/therapists of related branches, who are open towards and willing to collaborate with osteopaths.

List of doctors working with OEGO-osteopaths::
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