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Many different kinds of trainings for osteopathy are offered in Austria. Osteopathy is currently not regulated by the state, which is why OEGO only recognises certain training courses. The reason for this is to ensure quality of training and osteopathic practice. Additionally, this is aimed at protecting patients. OEGO’s training criteria define a minimum of professional competences required for safe osteopathic practice. OEGO is committed to compliance with the European standard "CEN standards". Information can be found here.

Training in Austria

Qualified training opportunities in Austria:

Wiener Schule für Osteopathie (WSO)

The Viennese School for Osteopathy (WSO) was founded in 1991 in Vienna and currently has sites in Vienna and Klagenfurt.
 The training is offered in cooperation with the Danube University Krems (DUK) and can be completed with a „Master of Science“ (Osteopathy) and D.O. (Diplom-Osteopath). 

WSO is a member of the Osteopathic European Network (OSEAN) and closely collaborates with national and international organisations.


Internationale Akademie für Osteopathie (IAO)

The International Academy for Osteopathy (IAO) was founded in Belgium in 1987 and has training sites in Vienna and Innsbruck. The training offers programmes with “Master of Science” (Osteopathy) and D.O. (Diplom-Osteopath). Their program is held in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (fhg). In collaboration with BUCKS University in England, the IAO offers a master's degree in pediatric osteopathy. www.osteopathie.eu

Individual training courses

OEGO only recognizes part time training comprised of a minimum of 1500 hours over 5 to 6 years.

Quality Assurance

The osteopathic standard issued by the Austrian Society for Osteopathy (OEGO) has been developed as a code of conduct for all members. This code defines the rights and duties of all osteopaths.

The osteopathic standard describes the principles on which the osteopaths base treatment of their patients. These principles and the current legal situation do not release the osteopaths from responsible reflection on their osteopathic actions taking into account ethic responsibility.

To download the complete osteopathic standard published by OEGO please press here.