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Goals and Tasks

1. Recognition of Osteopathy in Austria

OEGO intensively campaigns for the recognition of osteopathy in Austria in order to achieve standardized and regulated training as well as regulation of the osteopathic profession.

2. Maintenance of a register of all members

OEGO maintains the register of all members as well as a list of all graduate osteopaths (D.O.), all osteopaths carrying a Master of Science for Osteopathy (MSc) or Bachelor of Science for Osteopathy (BSc) in Austria. All regular members have taken osteopathic training registered by OEGO.

3. Supervising osteopathic training in Austria

OEGO supervises the high training standard of all its member for the good and safety of the patients. The training criteria defined by OEGO set a minimum standard for professional competence to ensure safe osteopathic treatment. For this reason, OEGO cooperates with osteopathic training centres all over Austria.

4. Offering Services

OEGO offers its members numerous services, such as a subscription to Osteopathic Medicine, ordering of folders, business cards and discounts on insurances, training etc. Additionally, our members can make use of the court of arbitration, which will provide mediation in case of patient complaints.