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Members of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Osteopathie (OEGO) can be divided into full and associate members, as well as sustaining and honorary members.

OEGO membership does not entail the right of practice.

Full Members

To become a full member of OEGO proof of suitable osteopathic training has to be submitted. Upon joining, all members are also entered into OEGO’s list of members. This list provides security to patients when choosing a highly qualified osteopathic practitioner.

Associate Members

Osteopaths in training may join OEGO as associate members. 1t to 3rd year students will receive all mailings and information material issues by OEGO. They can join OEGO’s group of regulars, conferences and make use of all OEGO services. As of the 4th year of training, students can also be placed on the list of osteopaths and be issued OEGO business cards.

Membership fee

Membership fees are due by January of each year on an annual basis. You will receive a reminder and payment details by regular mail. Annual membership fee:

  • € 320 for MSc, BSc und D.O.
  • € 170 for osteopaths in training (associate members)
  • Members currently on maternity leave up until the child reaches the age of 2 will only pay half of the fee. Reference date for calculation is 15 January. (Requirement: copy of birth certificate)
  • Retirees will also only pay half of the annual fee (Required: copy of the Austrian paper for retirement entitlements).

Membership benefits

Your membership counts! – As a member of OEGO you benefit from the following advantages:

More information can be found in the login area by our members.